febrero 17, 2014

So I kinda had some complicated days since I started 'college' (I'm not in college yet, I'm trying to get in). I've been too nervous and jumpy about everything and that wasn't good for me or anyone around me, especially that one person. I was being a walking disaster technically.
But I didn't write about it 'cause there was some stuff I needed to keep to myself. OF COURSE that dind't work and made my brain explode, because let's face it, keeping what's bothering me just to myself is not a good idea, I mean, sooner or later I was going to screw everything up... and I did.
At least I faced my fears and said all I needed to say. It wasn't the best way to do it but well..
I think nothing's broken anyway. I mean, there was, clearly, some damages, but nothing that can't be fixed (I hope).

NOW, I can say I'm happy, I'm doing my best with.. well everything. Even though my braing is MELTING for all the papers I need to read and all that stuff that comes with being finally a college student (well, close enough).. I wanna believe that I can make this work. And by "this" I don't mean just the study part, I mean all that other stuff that went wrong in the last weeks.
So.. that's it. I'll write when I feel like it, but I'm starting this thing called "TALKING" you know? With someone? Yeah, that's normal for you, not for me, so wish me luck.
BTW I'm not checking grammar before posting this so whatever.

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